Car RepairPart 1 of a 2-Part Series

Common Car Repairs

When they invest in a new or used vehicle, most people understand that they’ll need to change the oil and perform additional routine maintenance to keep the car in good working order. But, somewhere along the way, most people just drive. We forget the simple rule about car care and wait until something stops working or an odd sound pops up before we head to the auto service center. And that isn’t the best method for taking good care of your car. To maximize the lifespan of your automobile, think of your vehicle like your body. If you want both to run smoothly for as long as possible, you need to do a little preventive maintenance. So, include the following line items in your annual car-repair budget. According to Car Care Council, consumers reported these as the top 10 repairs in 2017:

(The first five appear below. The last five will be featured in next week’s blog post. So, be sure to check back.)

  1. Oil/Oil Filter Change Car RepairOil Change Car Repair
    As we discussed in last week’s post, this is an integral part of vehicle maintenance. Some of the newer model cars come with manuals that instruct owners to get oil changes every 5,000-10,000 miles. Unfortunately, drivers – even of older vehicles – take the cue as an excuse to skip regular trips to the repair shop. This is the detriment of their vehicles. Routine oil changes maintain your car’s performance. They also provide the perfect opportunity to assess your vehicles’ systems.

  2. Common Car Repair Wiper Blade Replacement
    Car Repairs Covina Windshield WipersPotentially a DIY project, replacing wiper blades is relatively affordable, despite the fact they perform the all-important task of clearing the windshield so you can see to safely drive. Waiting too long to swap out old blades can damage your windshield. At Genesis, we are happy to replace your blades, in the interest of keeping customers safe. We stock several models and can replace them during your next oil change or tune-up. 

  3. Air Filter Replacement for Car Repair
    Another seemingly simple yet infinitely important component of your engine is your air filter. Modern cars usually feature two air filters: one for the cabin and another for the engine. Cabin air filters also needs to be periodically changed but on a different schedule than the engine air filter. The engine air filter prevents dust, dirt and other environmental contaminants from getting into the engine. Filters gets dirty and clogged, over time, which compromises engine performance. Air Filter Car Repair Covina

  4. Scheduled Maintenance
    (30k, 60k, 90k miles, depending on make and model) – Don’t make the mistake of thinking your car will be okay if you ignore scheduled maintenance and rely exclusively on oil changes. These all-important milestones ensure the proper function of your vehicle systems. Some, but not all, systems are checked during oil changes. The maintenance schedule for your vehicle should be displayed in your owner’s manual, which will list the mileage and associated services recommended at each interval. At Genesis, we work with customers to come up with prioritized schedules for repairs based on what we discover during maintenance checks. 

  5. Tire Rotation and Replacement
    Common Car Repair Tires CovinaHow often do you examine your tread? Several methods can alert you when it’s time to replace a tire. Heavily worn tread will prevent tires from performing as designed, which can lead to unsafe driving conditions. One of the simplest, most common ways to check tread depth requires nothing more than a penny and a few moments of your time. Place a penny between the tread ribs on your tire. Turn the penny so that Lincoln’s head points down into the tread. Does the top of his head disappears between the ribs? If so, you are good to go. If you can see his entire head, you may need to replace the tire.

Check back next week, when we will cover the remaining five car repairs in our top 10 list: battery replacement, brake work, antifreeze, engine tune-up, and wheel alignment and balancing.

Auto Repair in Covina

Car Repair Covina

Genesis Automotive provides good old-fashioned honest car repair in Covina.

If you live in the San Gabriel Valley, the best place to bring your gas-powered or electric/hybrid vehicle is Genesis Auto Service in Covina. We serve the communities of Azusa, City of Industry, Covina, Glendora, Irwindale, La Puente, La Verne, Monrovia, San Dimas, Walnut, and West Covina…to name a few. Established by owner/master mechanic Carl Walker and a former partner, Genesis is a car repair shop which offers honest and dependable automotive repair and maintenance services. This is a far cry from how many profit-focused dealer service centers treat their customers.

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