Travel Safety ThanksgivingHoliday Travel Safety

According to Automobile Club of Southern California, driving is the preferred mode of transportation for Thanksgiving. In fact, this year, 43.5 million Americans are planning to take a Thanksgiving road trip. If your holiday plans include car travel, take a few simple precautions before you leave, to make sure you are road safe:

Check tires before Thanksgiving TravelKick the Tires.

Tire pressure is more important than many drivers realize. So, you’re your mechanic to check yours whether you are planning a lengthy trip or plan to stay close to home. Under inflation can cause unnecessary wear and tear to tire tread, which can lead to failure or malfunction. What’s more, improperly inflated tires negatively impact fuel economy. Under and over-inflated tires can also result in lost traction, which can contribute to accident. This is especially important on slick roads.

headlight repair CovinaLight the Way.

Are your headlights clean? Reduced visibility does not mix well with winter driving conditions, such as fog, rain, sleet or snow. Before heading up to the mountains or spending lots of time night-driving, ask your mechanic to check your head and taillight function. Whether your vehicle requires headlight restoration or replacement, a simple fix can drastically improve safety. 

Fuel Holiday Travel SafetyFuel for Thought.

Don’t wait until your gas light comes on to fill up. Once fuel levels drop below half a tank, gas evaporates more quickly than when you have a full tank. What’s more, low fuel level can lead to increased fuel cost over the course of your trip. Maintaining consistent fuel level is also a good idea in case you drive across a stretch of deserted highway. This is particularly true of holiday travel, when small stations might close, leaving you and your vehicle high and dry.

Fan the Flame.

It’s easy to forget about your spark plugs. But they are an integral part of your car’s systems. Spark plugs Spark Plugs Holiday Travelthat are in good working order will improve fuel performance, vehicle safety and help drivers avoid potential auto repairs in the future. Over time, corroded spark plugs could decrease fuel economy up to two miles per gallon.

Oil Change CovinaOil it Up.

Before setting out on a Thanksgiving adventure, bear in mind that routine automotive maintenance such as oil changes and filter replacement are priorities. Don’t underestimate the importance of simple repairs like these, which can improve road performance and keep you safe. At Genesis Automotive, we can do a road-safety test. So, call (626) 331-5741 today to set up an appointment before you head out.

Covina Auto RepairAuto Repair Covina

If you live in the San Gabriel Valley, the best place to bring your car for repair in Covina is Genesis Automotive Repair. We serve the communities of Azusa, City of Industry, Covina, Glendora, Irwindale, La Puente, La Verne, Monrovia, San Dimas, Walnut, and West Covina…to name a few. Established by owner/master mechanic Carl Walker and a former partner, Genesis offers honest and dependable automotive repair and maintenance services, which is a far cry from how many profit-focused dealer service centers treat their customers.

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